Hello my name is Erwin Jadraque Im 20 years old and Im from Hawaii Kailua Kona Living in LA California Skateboarder-Photographer-music.
Im a lover of the Creator of this universe, I DESTROY HELL FOR A LIVING, I LOVE TO LOVE PEOPLE WITH HIS LOVE. Travel the world to tell people about my best friend.
"no greater love" and if you have anymore questions message me :D
  • Romans 8:18 “The pain that you have been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming”
    Be thankful that your breathing and alive don’t even think about ending your life because when you think the pain is permanent its not at the end of every painful situation there is going to be Joy The Lord is helping you through everyday Know that someone Loves you and it’s HIM!! When your broken God is healing you from the scars in your life some can be quick healing but some can take time just Hang in there because He loves you and along the way of The healing He might be showing you something important. #iphone4 #art #artsy #breath #letters #God #Jesus #known #knowlove #hearts #kept #heartspoken #hawaii #kailuakona #town #sunbathing #light #praise #iphonephoto

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